Do You Need A Doctor?, 2012
Delivering prescriptions to patients (I pretend that I am a doctor) for about one month (16th of April~11th of May), questioning about the role of artist using the metaphor of doctor (self-identical while self-denial process based on the saying 'one apple a day keeps the doctor away').
This project has basically two different purpose; 1. self-disciplinary practice by daily delivering job; 2. inviting participants into the role-play of patients as well as activating conversations between doctor and patients.
After a few days of this daily care project, some patients started to ask about the project and talk about their daily lives. With some patients, I had e-mail conversations about the project’s motivation and discussed the role of artists and art. While the project was ongoing, two patients complained that their prescriptions were not working, since they caught colds.

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patient #1 

patient # 2 

patient #3 

patient #4 

patient #5 & 6 

patient #7 

personal record 

and special prescriptions
A conversation with patient #2: and special prescriptions